Test Scene – Optimized light values to decrease render time

I found a balance between quality and render speed by reducing samples and increasing AO.

I am happy with the result, however, a few more tweaks may be required…

Click image to enlarge.


Test Scene – Added VRay Fur modifier for the grass and Gamma corrected the scene

I have used VRay Fur for the grass, and gamma 2.2 balanced the whole scene.

Now I need to correct the colour levels, hue, saturation and HRDi values.

Click to enlarge.

Test scene – Added Logo & contact details to animation 4


Added my B3 logo and contact details to the animation as a test..


Test Scene – Displacement map tests on grass and rope

Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Hi All,

I’m just back from a trip to Hong Kong, China and specifically Shenzhen.

What an amazing time…  I have posted some pictures of the best Architecture I saw during my stay.

I’ll add more pictures as I edit them… Enjoy!

Test scene – animation 3

Test scene – animation 2

I haven’t worked on this particular scene this weekend.

However, I had set this render going… Interestingly – The render took over 40 hours to complete!

It would appear that I will have to find some better settings..