This is my story…

10 years working with global leaders in the games industry. Working on AAA games. Experience modelling props, vehicles, natural and built environments using both Max and Maya.
Most recently I have been diversifying my skills as a freelancer working in advertising, on TV documentaries and both product and architectural visualisation.


An all rounder specialising in architecture, terrain, props, vehicles and map layout with excellent lighting and texture knowledge, rendering and product animation.



Interior Environment Artist

Rockstar North

“Throughout Leigh’s time at Rockstar North we worked on several projects together including the Grand Theft Auto series. Leigh always came across as very professional but easy to get on with. His artwork was exemplary, not only in looks but more importantly for me, in functionality and design. Outside of work, he spent his own time organising five-a-side football for the guys here which was very much appreciated by all. I would look forward to working with Leigh in the future should he ever decide to come back home.” December 22, 2009

1st A, Duthie, Lead Designer, Rockstar North
worked with Leigh at Rockstar North


“I worked with Leigh on seperate departments on GTA 4, and I found him to be a reliable, versatile, disciplined and dedicated artist. He produced the work consistently, on time and of the required standard or considerably better. Personally, he is also a nice guy, with good interpersonal skills and enthusiasm for his work. He is a pleasure to work with, and would be a valuable asset to any company. Five stars. Two thumbs up.” November 4, 2009

1st N, Taylor, Lead Artist, Rockstar North
worked with Leigh at Rockstar North


“Leigh is a very focused artist who is able to consistently produce extremely high quality work. His technical knowledge was always great, he communicates well in a team and is always keen to help other team members. A fantastic artist who would be a credit to any development team.” November 3, 2009

1st I, McNaughton Senior Artist, Rockstar North
worked directly with Leigh at Rockstar North


“Great artist to work with during his time at Rockstar North. I always found his work to be of the highest standard, both in quality and the speed of delivery.
Worked really well with others in the company, very friendly and approachable personality”October 25, 2009

1st S, Macdonald,, Lead Map Artist, Rockstar North
worked with Leigh at Rockstar North


“Leigh is a friendly and very focused talent who would be an asset to any development team; apart from his art skills, he is also a very productive and happy team member and always gave 100% effort to the task at hand.” October 20, 2009

1st M, Kane, Associate Art Director, Rockstar North
managed Leigh indirectly at Rockstar North


“I worked with Leigh closely on GTAIV and other projects and found him to be a highly talented, motivated, hard working and creative artist. I looked forward to his weekly art updates as they were always works of art in their own right and showed a keen knowledge of composition, lighting and creating atmosphere.
Leigh is a great artist to have in any team – his open, positive and enthusiastic attitude at work can easily spread thanks to his highly social and bright demeanour.
Leigh makes the process of creating top level art for AAA games and helping move a team forward seem effortless, and any art team would benefit greatly from his input.
Overall, a fantastic asset for any games company!” October 20, 2009

1st S, Wilson, Senior Artist, Rockstar North
worked directly with Leigh at Rockstar North


“I had the pleasure of working with Leigh for four and a half years. During that time, I found Leigh to extremely well rounded in his art skills. He consistently delivered level art that was well above and beyond what was expected. As a person he is genuine, positive, fun and a pleasure to work alongside. And over the course of the last few years, it has to be said, one of the best people to have on a night out. I heartily recommend him, and would happily work with him in the future.” October 19, 2009

1st C, Marshall, Environment Artist, Rockstarnorth
worked with Leigh at Rockstar North

Environments-Vehicle Artist

Atomic Planet Entertainment

“I was Leighs lead artist on his first project. He was a prodigious natural talent with a grasp of modelling / texturing that far outweighed his lack of experience. He worked extremely hard to achieve punishing deadlines and never once let us down. He is also a lively and entertaining team member. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again (although he’d probably be my boss now!)” March 1, 2006

1st J, Bradford, Lead Artist, Atomic Planet Entertainment Ltd.
managed Leigh at Atomic Planet Entertainment

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