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Test Scene 2 – Creating basic layout for a new scene with VRay proxy mesh grass

I have created a new basic layout and experimented using a VRay proxy mesh for the grass.

Happy with the result and it renders much faster than VRay fur.

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Test Scene – HDRi & Sun values

You may have noticed that I have altered the HDRi sky  to a clear sky and included some ambient foliage for shadows and reflections.

Click image to enlarge and inspect in more detail..

Test Scene – HDRi sunlight values decreased, ambient lighting added

I have revisted this test scene and decreased the HDRi Sunlight values added ambient lighting.

You may notice the increased turbidity and light size for soft shadows.

A few more tweaks here and there and a post effect glow added to the exterior lights.

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Test Scene – Optimized light values to decrease render time

I found a balance between quality and render speed by reducing samples and increasing AO.

I am happy with the result, however, a few more tweaks may be required…

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