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Test scene – animation 3


Test scene – animation 2

I haven’t worked on this particular scene this weekend.

However, I had set this render going… Interestingly – The render took over 40 hours to complete!

It would appear that I will have to find some better settings..

Test scene, animation sample

A quick test to try out the render quality when animated.

Needs the gamma correction turned up a little.


Techniques – double edges.

Just thought I’d start posting some tips and techniques, for anyone who is new to Architectural Viz.

Adding a double chamfer will always make the  flat poly appear very slightly convex. In order to get smooth edges and  perfectly flat surfaces you need to add a skinny  poly that runs  flat with the main face of the object. see pic below.

Test scene, latest update.

Been working to put more detail into the  main building today.

Windows, doors and balcony for the rear of the building.

And some detailed garden beds at the front

Test scene, detail added

Created elements for the garden and lead up to the house from the gate.

Test scene, two storey home.

A WIP that I’m working on for my folio. will post some regular updates of this.

Using VRay in 3Ds Max. Has a Peter Guthrie HDRi sky in the scene. Still  a fair amount to model and texture.